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“HBO’s Silicon Valley” | Talks at Google

What happens when Pied Piper comes to Google? Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Amanda Crew, Zach Woods, and Martin Starr Talk Season 4 of HBO’s Silicon Valley, and the lines between reality and fiction blur. More about the show: In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the […]

Nadim Saad: “The Working Parents’ Guide: To Raising Happy and Confident Children” | Talks at Google

Working parents often battle with time pressure and guilt of being away from their children. Talks at Google welcomed parenting coach Nadim Saad to discuss how time-poor parents can make family life less stressful and more enjoyable. – Quickly learn and apply step-by-step solutions to common parenting challenges including whining and arguing, homework battles, tantrums […]

Chef Chris Cheung: “East Wind Snack Shop” | Talks at Google

Chris Cheung is the chef and owner of East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn, known for delicious dumplings, baos, and as one of the last standing Taoishan Tea Houses in existence in NYC, as well as the Executive Chef at Tansuo, a modern Chinese restaurant in Nashville, TN. His dedication to handmade scratch dumplings earned […]

Olivia Fox & Judah Pollack: The Net and The Butterfly: […] Breakthrough Thinking | Talks at Google

Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Pollack comes to Google for an interview about their latest book, “The Net and The Butterfly.” Drawing on their extensive coaching and training practice with top Silicon Valley firms, Cabane and Pollack provide a step-by-step process for accessing the part of the brain that produces breakthroughs and systematically removing internal […]

Abdoulaye and Ibrahim Barry: “The ADLaM Story: The Alphabet for Our People […]” | Talks at Google

Ibrahima and Abdoulaye Barry are two brothers from Guinea in West Africa. They are the creators of the ADLaM alphabet for the Fulani and other African languages. They currently live in Portland, Oregon and are members of the Winden Jangen Organization for the promotion of ADLaM and also the North American Fulani and Friends Association […]

Nadia Lopez: “The Bridge to Brilliance: How One Principal in a Tough […] | Talks at Google

The Bridge to Brilliance: How One Principal in a Tough Community Is Inspiring the World In 2015, Nadia Lopez was struggling as the principal and founder of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a middle school in one of America’s poorest communities. She rose to an unlikely fame when the blog Humans of New York featured an […]

Denise Herzing: “Dolphin Communication: Cracking the Code” | Talks at Google

Scientists have struggled to understand dolphin vocalizations, but new computer tools to both track dolphins and decode their complex vocalizations are now emerging. Dr. Denise Herzing has been studying Atlantic spotted dolphins, Stenella frontalis, in the Bahamas for over three decades. Her video and acoustic database encompasses a myriad of complex vocalizations and dolphin behavior. […]

Dr. Delaney Ruston: “Screenagers: Growing Up In The Digital Age” | Talks at Google

Filmmaker and Stanford trained physician Dr. Delaney Ruston visited Google MTV to talk about her film “Screenagers: Growing Up In The Digital Age”. “Screenagers: Growing Up In The Digital Age” probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. […]