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Why civilians suffer more once a war is over | Margaret Bourdeaux

War doesn’t just kill people; it destroys the institutions that keep society running, like utilities, banks and hospitals. Physician and global health policy analyst Margaret Bourdeaux proposes a bold approach to post-conflict recovery that focuses on building strong, resilient health systems that protect vulnerable populations. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances […]

TED Imagines The Future You

Watch as brilliant TED speakers take the stage at TED2017, coming to a cinema near you this month. Visit for more information.

Asif Saleh: “How Smarter Innovations Can Help Fight Poverty” | Talks at Google

Asif Saleh transitioned from his role as an executive director at Goldman Sachs to a senior director at the world’s largest non-profit organizations, known as BRAC, based in Bangladesh. Recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Asif connects private and social sectors to develop and scale innovations that uplift the poorest […]

Stories from a home for terminally ill children | Kathy Hull

To honor and celebrate young lives cut short, Kathy Hull founded the first freestanding pediatric palliative care facility in the United States, the George Mark Children’s House. Its mission: to give terminally ill children and their families a peaceful place to say goodbye. She shares stories brimming with wisdom, joy, imagination and heartbreaking loss. TEDTalks […]

Akala on the Illuminati, Ghettos, Politics & More

Akala talks about his views on topics ranging from knowledge, the importance of reading books, his career and plans for the future, the illuminati and conspiracy theories backstage at his concert with Lowkey at the Cellar in Southampton, UK. Knowledge Is Power Vol. 1 is out now –