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What’s The Correlation Between Time Spent And Ad Spend on Mobile? Social Media Minute

Jan Rezab explains the growth in average time spend on mobile devices and discusses the disproportion between this number and the amount of money marketers invest in mobile advertising.

Marketers, Focus On Data, Not On Platforms’ Recommendations Only! Social Media Minute

Jan Rezab explains why it’s crucial for marketers to comply with social media platforms’ recommendations only when they are supported with data.

What’s the Correlation Between Reach, Engagement, and Social Media ROI? Social Media Minute

Jan Rezab explains how to effectively measure reach and engagement and discusses their correlation with your social media ROI.

What To Say To Get People To Join Your Opportunity | Elite Marketing Pro

***Welcome to this week’s attraction marketing biz builder lesson!*** Today I have network marketing trainer, legend & internet superstar, Sonia Stringer! In this video, Sonia shows you ‘The Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring’, which will help double your sales, recruits and product sales, by changing what you say to your prospects. Sonia delivered this […]

How to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the most important quality for success in business and in interacting with other people. Self-confidence is the sum total result of your self-esteem, your self-respect and your sense of your personal value over time. You need to build your self-confidence by engaging in certain behaviors that make you feel more and more confident […]

“How to Grow Your Painting Business | Part 1 Introduction” By Painter Choice

Home Painter Choice provides qualified painting leads to painting contractors nationwide. Our contractors are committed to growing their business, and in this 6 part video series we want to give you the tools and steps to growing your business. We’ve spent the last 10 years helping hundreds of people start and grow painting companies across […]

Entrepreneur Mom: Starting Your Own Business

Classy Career Girl’s ( Networking Challenge Interview #14 with Sirena Moore.. At the age of 21, Sirena started her own company and it’s now a multi-million revenue generating company.Thank you so much Sirena for this interview and sharing your tips with us! Get the transcript of the interview here: Make sure you subscribe to […]