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The boost students need to overcome obstacles | Anindya Kundu

How can disadvantaged students succeed in school? For sociologist Anindya Kundu, grit and stick-to-itiveness aren’t enough; students also need to develop their agency, or their capacity to overcome obstacles and navigate the system. He shares hopeful stories of students who have defied expectations in the face of personal, social and institutional challenges.

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Comment (109)

  1. Students need to learn critical thinking so they realize when they’re being propagandized by a left wing agenda. Ted and our educational system has gone down the toilet

  2. Some hypocrites eat curry their tongues out and still say it smells. This feeling that West is greater than East, must be seen through the lens of history. This hate, I think, emanates from the feeling that they might overtake us by their grit and hard work.

  3. I still don’t quite understand the difference between grit and agency. One sounds like a restated form of the other.

  4. In the US you will not have equality of education opportunity so long as property taxes fund local schools. Just imagine what that agency and grit could accomplish if these kids were not running up a down escalator!

  5. What a shame on Obama. Being two terms in the office, what did he do for our America life? More separation, more hate, more poverty.

  6. Tim Allen has a similar story, and these sociologists all should spend more time learning about economics and psychology. This video proves Milton Friedman’s lesson in how “Nobody can spend somebody else’s money more carefully than you can yourself.” He also had another great idea for a negative income tax instead of promoting the failed medical care system in the United States. We should have no licensure of physicians.

    I do feel sorry for our abused youth, because I know they’re getting the same lies fed to them to this date. It’s time for some real change to include pharmacological freedom, and an end to the militarized police state.

    Milton Friedman full lecture on Medical Care:
    Carpe diem.

  7. help me please what is the correctHe is fast he …………  win the race
    a) will
    b) is going to
      show me why  thanks

    You’ve been bamboozled by Religions.
    I really don’t know if there are scientists in that ted company, and people who understand what Reality Is.

  9. how great it is to have someone to support and mentor you. I hope everyone will eventually find someone that will

  10. What if he felt like an outcast because he was just more introverted? What if it didn’t have anything to do with his race?

  11. I call it persistence. I don’t think going to school and feeling like an outcast is difficult enough to be called having grit. The kidney failure situation sounded like grit, but not the others.

  12. it wouldn’t be a TED talk without the token mention of race, civil rights, and socioeconomic inequality.

  13. This whole video is useless because students shouldn’t be encouraged and geared even further into our industrial like (worthless) education system.

    Rather the focus should be on changing the education system, and making it less industrialized so it more suits individual needs and encourages growth and innovation.

  14. Help from a few caring mentors made all the difference in my similar story. And I’m a white kid from a single mother.

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