How To Start A Profitable Blog 2016

Learn how to start a blog and make money!

Blogging is huge right now! Do you dream of running a successful online business which allows you to enjoy more autonomy? If so, you should know that learning how to create a blog will be the key to setting up an online business which attracts the interest – and sales – of customers all over the world!

While the idea of starting a blog yourself, without outsourcing the task to a web design firm, may seem a little daunting, you should know that the process really isn’t that difficult or complicated. In fact, thanks to the power of WordPress, which allows for simple and straightforward blog creation, even without technical skills, it’s actually possible to make a blog in the amount of time that it takes to drink just one cup of coffee!

In other words, mere minutes are all that will be required in order to create your own blog from scratch! Now, we’d like to share some important facts which will help you to put together a truly wonderful blog. Your new blog will function as a perfect venue for online money-making…

Get Familiar with WordPress

WordPress is a blog creation and management application, which is utilized by millions of people all over the globe. The truth is that you don’t need to bone up on WordPress in order to make a blog with the platform.

However, learning more about this practical and popular platform certainly won’t hurt. In fact, it’s bound to make the process more enjoyable, as you’ll understand what WordPress is and how it’s used in order to create different themes, palettes and functional elements (such as web pages, blog posts and Widgets)

Created in order to offer true “WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get” performance, this intuitive and user-friendly interface is the subject of countless blogs, tutorials and articles, all of which are available online. Many people who want to build their own blogs choose to watch convenient and entertaining video tutorials in order to gather skills and step-by-step instructions – you can do it, too.

Bear in mind that WordPress comes with help features which are perfect for newbies just like you. So, it is definitely possible to explore, to learn and to gain assistance while you’re creating your new blog.

It’s As Easy as 1,2,3

Basically, there are three steps to self-creating a blog. You’ll need to register your preferred domain name and arrange hosting of the domain name and website ( is your safest bet for domain purchase, domain hosting and website hosting). Once you’ve done this, it’s time for step two, which is all about utilizing WordPress in order to create the ideal blog for your needs.

In order to begin with WordPress, you will need to enter ID information which is provided to you via your hosting company. This will open up your website and allow you to work within the WordPress platform. The last step is publishing your new website via WordPress and your hosting company.

As you can see, getting a self-created website up and running is really as easy as 1,2,3!

You Can Make Money Online

Now that you know what’s involved with starting a blog, you’ll be ready to decide if doing so is really right for you. If you do choose to build your own blog, you’ll develop WordPress skills which will allow you to manage and update your website in the future.

So, aside from the small amount of energy that you’ll need to invest, learning how to build a blog has no downside and it does offer tons of advantages.

Make your online business ambitions into reality. Start your own blog today!

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  1. Awesome James. Thank you for sharing all this useful information to start a profitable blog. I learned a lot.

  2. James thanks for sharing this great information…it was awsome….will use it on my next blog….

  3. Thanks for awesome n helpful video.
    I made one WP site with another theme, Can I integrate this blog in that too?

  4. Typo in the last paragrapg of the description – You’ve written ‘blof’ instead of ‘blog’

  5. you are soo cool.. how long you make these videos ? i believe it would take forever for me.. hehe.. what tools do you use to make these videos ?

  6. Thanks for sharing very good tutorial on creating SEO friendly website and explaining marketing strategies on web.. Thank you very much!!!

  7. Hi James, If I hire you on how to create an online store and also blogging. How much you gonna charge to me?

  8. Great video James, I really appreciate all the insight and information. Cheers from Huntington Beach

  9. hi James! Thank you so much for making this video. It helped me a lot in creating my new blog: I just have a question though, I followed all the instructions though I can’t seem to understand why I’m getting an error 404 on my about and contact page. I’ve tried to redo the steps in creating pages and menus but it is still not working. Can you help me?

  10. Hi James. I’m curious why your settings in WordPress are different. I do not have a Permalinks.

  11. Hi James! Great stuff! You got me into using SumoMe again after giving up on it because it was SO confusing. Anyway. I have two questions for you. Does SumoMe alert subscribers everytime a post is completed? If so or if not, is there an easy way to do this. Second. On your site you also have horizontal social share icons. The SumoMe ones are too boxy. I like how yours look. Is that a custom design or can I get those social share icons somewhere?

  12. Hello James! First off: great video! Not just advertising, but an actionable tutorial! Thanks & Thumbs up for this!
    Also, may I ask what Soft/App are you using for your animated video segments – for example around minute 63 in the video… Would love to look into that as well! Cheers; I’m gonna’ carry on watching the rest of your tutorials!

  13. Great Video! However, you didn’t talk about how to create a Lead Magnet and how to get the site visitors receive it when they drop their emails. Please, kindly advise on that. Thanks

  14. I’ve been looking for a video for wordpress blogging for beginners for the entire day. Finally found it. The best on youtube that I found. Thanks!

  15. Hi James- Thank you so much for your super helpful videos. Trying to install wp super cache- its no longer available due to “performance/ security/ compatibility issues”. Will Zen Cache do? Please advice. Thanks!

  16. I just want to thank you for making this video. Its been incredibly helpful to me in setting things up for the first time having no experience what so ever. You are an awesome person!

  17. Hi James…grt video. But my blogs isn’st showing full length on mobile device. Please can you suggest. Thanks,

  18. Absolutely great tutorial. My blog is up and running and it looks great thanks to the instructions given by James. Now just need to promote my blog. Thank you James!

  19. Hi James! Love your videos. I am leaning more towards using Square Space but I’d like your input. Aside from e- commerce, is Square Space a profitable platform to use? This will be my first blog.

  20. This is awesome and valuable!
    I just got this strange idea that some day everyone will be marketing themselves from their home, and in the end there will be no hard working farmers, no factory workers because everyone spends time leading each other into their blogs with lead magnets lol

  21. Nice tutorials James.
    My problem is after installing that list builder by sumome i can’t find that badge on the right top corner..
    Any suggestions??Ty

  22. can i ask how you do these awesome animations in between your screen captures? The ones where different icons come together and stuff. It looks really neat just wondering how you throw them together? I have seen these vectors on shutterstock but do not know how you go about animating the different aspects like you do in this video. Thanks for the in-depth tutorial!

  23. I just bought a domain hosting for a year through host gator, and never got a welcome email… wasted my money, I am very confused and sad

  24. whats the plan that is mentioned in hostgator ?? like baby plan and hatchling plan ?? single domain and unlimited ?? i need detailed explanation on these, because i m totally confused as to what the plans are all about…please reply at the earliest…

  25. i want to start a blog of my own , which plan is better hatchling or baby plan ??…..and what do u mean my multiple blogs ??

  26. Hi James, I don’t know why when I hit list and went to sign up forms it didn’t show up the same form to verify my email after forwarding like in your videos. Why is that. and how can I check to see if I set the email forwarding right or not.

  27. This is great. Analysis was murder; your way is a lot better. I found an easy to put the code that goes under the post, from another video. and wouldn’t do their job and I ended up losing $60 with These “workers” are sociopath. I don’t know why they decline from doing their jobs. These parasites have to be people whose gave made their persona non grata.

  28. can you help on my wordpress blog on wordpres domain in settings plugins there is only option to upgrade to payed hosting. it it me so noob or it is only optional to instal plugins only in payed way there?

  29. the sumome discover doesn’t display on my category page. say if i press entertainment and it shows all my entertainment articles, discover is not there. i cant find an option to put it there.

  30. Great video James. But one thing… If I come to a page with all that “subscribe now”. “learn more” and many more of that buttons and pop-ups I am gone in a flash. Too much of that stuf will turn many people away whatever the content on the blog.

  31. with wp super cache, I follow the directions but get this Need Help Screen. can you help?

    Need Help?

    Use the debug system in the Debug tab above. It will tell you what the plugin is doing.
    Installation Help
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Support Forum
    Development Version
    Rate This Plugin!

    Please rate this plugin and tell me if it works for you or not. It really helps developmen

  32. Wowwwww…your video is so well done! it really helped and encouraged me to create my own blog. The step by step instructions are a winner 🙂
    Thanks! please keep doing what you do because you are helping so people like me. Cheers

  33. Hey James, do you offer any videos for creating SEO friendly posts? More specifically, do you offer any tutorials on how to score the green light using Yoast SEO for WordPress?

  34. Awesome video, James. Never thought I could set up a blog, but with this video, I am 98% ready to go! A lot of work–but so worth it. I could never have figured it out on my own. Been working from home for 10 years, & am looking forward to another 10 at least blogging my way to six figures!

  35. New to website building and wordpress and blogging here! I know right.. better late than never but this video helped me so much. NO jargon and easily understood. Great help indeed. Thanks a bunch.

  36. I think host gator has changed their website because I cannot get to the page with all the app icons.

  37. You know what is rather stupid?  That you spend the first 3 minutes(I stopped before the 3 minute mark) explaining why your idea for blogging is the BEST in the world!  How about you shut up and get straight into some answers, instead of wasting our god damned time?

  38. James, you saved me! At 8am this morning the WordPress dashboard looked like the instrument panel to a jet to me. Now my blog is up and running. I took about 5 hours today watching your video, then pausing, doing the steps, watching, pausing. I seriously did not think I was going to be able to do this. Thank you so much Bro. It was lovely spending the day with you!

  39. This was the most helpful video this far! I really appreciate it. I’m now following you!

  40. Hi James, Great tutorial and I love the way you communicate each of the how-to steps clearly and concisely with just enough explanation for a non-techie newbie like me. I’m at the plug-in selection stage and found that WP Fast Cache is no longer available with WordPress, nor is WP Fastest Cache. Which alternative do you recommend? Thanks again for your guidance!

  41. ok, ive given it…overnight and then some and STILL cant log into the control panel

  42. A quick question , I have already signed up with my domain through WordPress with a free site but from my understanding if WordPress host it we can’t add plugins what would you suggest to do in this situation

  43. Hi! Excellent tutorial, congrats! What if I already purchased a domain on WordPress? I should write on Hosgator my existing domain but, do I keep my actual username and password? How can I switch?

  44. the shareme plugin from sunome somehow does not work for me. it never shows up on my website no matter how many times i try…

  45. Hey James, What is up with HostGator now having WordPress hosting option on their homepage. I noticed that was not the case in your tutorial.

  46. James i came across your video and i got pumped to try to do this myself. I currently have a blog on but i want my own domain and hosting. i have a question for you how would i move my blog to hostgator, i want freedom from but i want to keep all the data i already have. I’m just deciding to take blogging seriously and getting traffic to my blog.

  47. $10.00 a month only if you know how to build a web site which I find, is very difficult. You’ll end up spending more to have a pro build your website.

  48. Hey, my question is do I need to have a hosting site or I can I just use wordpress as the host?
    Thank you

  49. This is very informative. I started mine months ago with affiliate buttons on different subjects and starting to see revenue coming in. Word press is a great blog and others should use it.

    Here is my blog so you can see that yes I agree with you blog a lot and add your affiliate buttons.

    I subscribe to you and hope you do the same 🙂

    Anna Simon

  50. Hi James am failing to Re-authenticate my Google account on google analytics
    Please help am getting this message below

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/admin.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request’.

  51. Thanks this helped me jump start my blog in a matter of 5 hrs of setting everything up!

  52. Thank, you! I have been wanting to create a blog for 3 months, now. But, I was overwelmed by the mass of info. You have saved me from headaches in the future.

  53. Hello , in the 43:35 sec i didn’t recieve the verification email , i don’t know how to fixe it and what to say in chat service of hostgator , please help me , thank u

  54. welcome mat and smart bar do not work. I saved, it’s active, i checked and double checked. i connected each to chimp mail and nothing.i am moving forward. i am happy share worked!

  55. Now THIS is content marketing! Over delivering with epic free content(even with some bravado and personality) and giving people a reason to check out your blog and other services. Well played sir! You have a new fan and maybe even a long term customer as i start to develop my online presence. Thanks so much James!

  56. James,
    Awesome information. Thanks for that. Better if you add few more about setting up advertise on your website via google ad and how can earn money etc. because people who knows nothing, it is very essential for them to know.

  57. Visit this site if you are interested in earning an extra 200 dollars each day online fast: *JoxMoney. com*

  58. I’m working on following your instructions but i can’t seem to get the authentication of analytics to go thru, and i have done it enuf! Any suggestions?

  59. James help! Was going strong through your tutorial and became very sick…so I lost my flow on learning, I have gotten to about 46.44 minutes in the lesson and I can’t find services on my dashboard so that I can select MailChimp and continue on. I apologize for bothering you but the disease I have can make it very hard to concentrate when I have a flare-up. My first blog will be about my disease, and hopefully help others cope with MCTD.

  60. Hi James, I have a huge problem and I really hope you can help me 🙁 … I clicked install word press once I had entered all my details except my blog address and, when I tried to install it again with ALL my details it says ‘error invalid information’!! So, I don’t have a link to my blog… how do I fix this or how do I cancel everything including hostgator and start all over again?? Your help will be so appreciated!

  61. James, sorry I figured it out! Just needed to be off my meds for 24hrs to get my head clear enough. Sorry to bother you so much and what a great lesson!

  62. Hi friend your video is very nice and informative i can write SEO friendly and amazing article of about 500 to 600 words on any topic for your website and blog only in 2 dollars if you need my services contact now

  63. Hi James, I just started my blog. My theme is Simple Catch. I did look at the 2016 theme. Because I have photo’s of food & wine. I want an image slider to show off my photo’s. Can I do that with 2016? Thank you. Tamara

  64. Hi James I am loving this tutorial. However I have been unable to forward my email to my gmail account through Mailchimp. I read recently that mailchimp have changed something. Any advice?

  65. Hi Could you please make a video where you list all the Plugins one must have for a good blog

  66. Excellent video. This video is exactly what I needed and help set my blog. Thank you for your awesome tips.

  67. the video is awesome
    it’s even better buttons using those material images
    where do you get the images from??

  68. It is a wonderful video! Only thing is, you didn’t tell HOW to sell our items, or what app to use. 🙁

  69. Thank You for Your Time This is by far the BEST Tutorial  on  WordPress …I actually got it NOW. especially the relation to Categories and PagesThe amount of information , tips, and yes your  in sharing was awesome..   Took seven pages of NOTES Pnapika

  70. One of the best tutorials on youtube imo.
    I don’t really get the “Lead Magnet” step tho, visitors can’t click it?

  71. Help! I’m half way through & my sumome tool bar disappeared! Anyone know what to do?

  72. Greetings James, thanks much for this detailed video about blogging. I want to start two very good profitable blogs, not just for money but also to help people. Ok what I need to know is how do I point and click, and insert little pictures and explanations how you are currently doing right now as you explain you add little snippets. How do I do that please?

  73. This is by far the best How to Create a Blog video I have seen. For the past 4 months, I have been struggling away. Your video is exactly what I needed to watch. Thank you, Thank you. One suggestion, I wish you would have mentioned your blog’s name more often. Many times I would think, “I am visiting his blog, what’s the name.?” I hope you generate lots of new customers, you definitely know your stuff. Thank you again and again.
    Anna Sheldon

  74. hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about clickbank make money online try Panlarko Amazing Clickbank Planner ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  75. What an amazing video! I was toying with the idea of starting a free WordPress Blog, then wait until I have a few hundred subscribers to upgrade to a paid version. After watching this video I realize it would be damn near impossible to get my blog noticed or have it be compelling enough to get any subscribers without many of these plugins. Thanks for the info, even though I have zero experience, I feel that I can do it with the help of this video.

  76. Hi James, why is it my sidebar is not visible….the categories that suppose to appear on the sidebar does not appear

  77. I seem to have issues whereby when I follow along with you to set up mt WordPress site, it looks nothing like what you are showing in the tutorial. Or, am I the only one experiencing this???? I’m finding it very frustrating as I am not literate when it comes to doing this stuff!! 🙁

  78. Awesome tutorial. I am gonna put this knowledge to practice in the next few days. Will share the results after am done. Thank you for taking the time to show us. Its really helpful.

  79. Not complaining James. Before I started watching your video, I spent three days staring at the computer completely confused. I’m a very smart lady, but I still am not a computer expert. I’m a writer. Give me a subject, I can write something about it. Problem is, I know nothing about how to set up my blog. YOU are helping me with that. Thank you!!

  80. OK, I’m lost. What is Cloud Hosting? What should my blog name be? I want it to be, I Wanna Be Frank. Is that good enough? I’m using my real name as author. This is where I start getting really confused.

  81. I truly enjoyed the class. I’m eager to get started. Question though, do you offer more indept training to newbies like me or done-for-you sites?

  82. Early on, the “google analytics by yoast” plugin is not available in the search. It has been taken over by “google analytics by monsterinsights” which is still the top one in the search. I hope this helps.

  83. Don’t forget to increase your php-memory size to use all those plugins without getting errors.

  84. James, thank you so much for producing this EXCELLENT instructional video. I liked & subscribed to your channel. I hit the pause button a zillion times to incorporate the components into my blog, as you were teaching them. I just need to fine tune and start creating pages with my content. You caused me to actually think about how to fit all of my individual pieces together to be cohesive. As I was going about my day, I noticed a lot of the features you taught me were on and some of the other news channels. I never would have figured this out without you. You ROCK!

  85. Loved the video! I’m am new to the blogging world and am now feeling a little more confident in getting started. So thank you!!

  86. 29:24 no longer looks like your video. What is a SLUG? Do I write on the meta description after I press edit snippet?

  87. James, it took me about 8 go back to the video to get this done. You have some marvelous step by step stuff, and yes it is step by step. Now I gotta figure out what and for whom. I can’t thank you enough for this.

  88. Very informitive tutorial on how to make a profitable blog. Learn hoe to set up your hosting and wordpress blog, domain name Get tips and resources you need to succeed with your blog. Learn email mail marketing, connecting your blog to social media. How to ad digital images, video and plugins. Get 6 steps to creating a good blog format. This was a great tutorial
    Patricia Lynn

  89. I have typed in Google Analytics by yoast in 7 times. Looked it up on google and I still can’t get it to pop up on the plugins page. Is it under another name now?

  90. +James Stafford Thank you for this amazing and awesome information. I am going to re-watch the video and follow all the steps.
    One thing though, how and where do you get the pictures for your blog? For eg the ones you put as the Featured Image? Do I have to take these high quality pictures myself? because I know I can’t just use any old image from google image search due to copyright reasons. You answer will be truly helpful. Thank you

  91. Good Video – has Google Analytics by Yoast been replaced? Can’t seem to find it no matter how hard I look. Is there an equivalent add-in? Thanks.

  92. When I search for Google Analytics by Yoast it doesn’t come up. Is it no longer available?

  93. Hello James, i do not have the permalink under the Settings, could it be true?! Did they move them in another section? Your assistance would be appreciated!

  94. James you will not believe me but only your vedio helped me out to install my wordpress and blog. Yes you are right. After purchasing hosting from bluehost, not their customer support helped how to install, or if i’m watching or reading the steps of installation none of the vedio make me understand (i’m not saying they explained it wrong may be their way of explaination doesnt helped me to make me understand in a better way). But After crying, fighting, helping from friends and vedio today i opened your vedio randomly, I quickly establised/set up my blog through wordpress by bluehost control panel. Phew!…Big Thank to you. Wishes you best in your life.

  95. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about clickbank make money online try Panlarko Amazing Clickbank Planner ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  96. This is so exciting. I’ve been hesitant about starting a blog for months. But so far this is VERY helpful. Thanks Alot!!!

  97. James, thanks very much unbelievable what people get fro free and still complain. Question can’s install google analytics, does not pop up when searched any advice

  98. I am fed up of just having my domains parked. So instead I might as well get them bolted on to a Blog. Even if they only earn me a few dollars a week/month at least they are earning their keep. I have over 250 of these bad boys so I need to get started like NOW. Is a blog the best way to use these domain names, some of which are now quite aged?

  99. I cant find the Google analytics by yoast pluggin. Could you direct me here? thank you!

  100. Are all these add on Mail Chimp, Google and etc free of cost? I know for you host you had to pay. What is the blog start up  cost normally?

  101. This is really great. Thank you so much for taking time to put it together for all of us. 🙂 Very beneficial!

  102. Hello thanks for the video! about how long did it take for your blog page to load after the word press install? I heard you say a few hours but mine is taking extremely long.

  103. can someone start a business with me i know how to make a dating website with brilliant design you will love it,we will put a membership for month for 15$ every month,we can make alot of money from it.So will you partner with me. i have experiance of 2 years

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    1.Membership on website like bronze with some features for 15$ and there are following membership with different features
    1.bronze= 15$
    2.silver= 25$ = 35
    4.Platinum=50 with all features
    I just don’t have money to turn my idea into website

  105. I love your tutorial!!!

    I am not able to find the Google Analytics by Yoast. Any suggestions?

  106. Hi James, thank you very much for this video. Helped me great deal. One question I have is, if how do I add a video to the home page as it on Is it possible? what plugins do I use if it will be needed?

  107. You’re welcome. I’m learning as I go. You’re video is a great help.

  108. Dear James, your tutorial is AWESOME!! And I love your enthusiasm! Thank you a million times for it! I have one question: your blog looks a lot cleaner than mine because you have more empty space around it. Mine looks as if I had zoomed in? Also, my posts come from beginning to end although yours only show the start of each post, which looks a lot cleaner. Have I missed something? Any tip welcome! Thank you!!

  109. Hey james, thanks for the tutorial it helped alot. I have a question.I installed discover as seen in your video and it showed how many credits to get from traffic coming to your blog. my question is how do you convert those credits in actual money? or am I going about it wrong? help me please…

  110. Jmaes your video is one of of the best i’v seen. do you teach affiliate marketing?

  111. This video was AWESOME!!!! Learned so much that I have to watch again so that I can start, Thanks

  112. hey am in Africa and as hard as it is hear i think this is my break through ive watched this video and am doing this thanks mate ill tell you how it turns out

  113. I have never sat through a video that long…however I must say it was time totally well spent!!! You are an excellent teacher.

  114. I am not seeing what you see when I sign into mailchimp and click on “Signup Forms”. Please advise.

  115. Thanks for sharing this information. I couldn’t log in into WordPress. Still waiting for the email confirmation. I did it yesterday and at the moment I try to log in it doesn’t recognize my email, because of that I can not change anything to keep going. Is it normal? I’m very motivated by your video. Please let me know.

  116. Thank you for the tutorial! It is so useful!
    I got an email from WordPress 13 hours ago.
    When I try to start WordPress I get HTTP error 401.
    Please give me a piece of advice to solve the problem!

  117. Hey James, wich software did you use in order to create those cartoon animations.Best Regards from Italy man, amazing content, thanks for sharing it !!!

  118. I don’t think SumoMe is working
    I thought ad blocker was stopping it so I disabled that but now that blue SumoMe icon isn’t showing up top right at all! Do you know why? Thanks
    (does it not work for websites with “.com”?)

  119. When clicking on Pinterest or Insta on my blog, it does not connect to the pages. Could you please help me? I have reattempted 3 times.

  120. hi James, this is the most in-depth video I’ve seen so far. thanks for creating this tutorial. by the way, how can I add the cover of the e-book on my lead magnet? do you have lessons on how to customize the buttons further?

  121. You successfully got me interested in the video, but you only actually began to do something 15 minutes into the video. And all you really did is recommend plugins.

    Also, ow, my ears.

  122. awesome video! when i search for Google Analytics by Yoast it doesn’t come up. is it no longer available? if not, what would the equivalent replacement be? thanks!!!!

  123. Hey James, this is a really great video! How many hours did it take for your blog to replicate to the servers? It’s been a couple hours now for me

  124. Dude…You are Awesome!!! Just finished my new and improved website!! Thank you so much for this video!! It was fun to do and easy to listen at.

  125. Absolutely one of the best teaching videos I’ve seen for beginners. James do you have a course that people can sign up for and get live help from your helpdesk?

  126. sir, mailchimp list creation and email address collected action is not clear to me. where from i can get the list border dashboard window. please clear me the window u have open after 42.03 mints

  127. Using Adsense wouldnt maximize your profits? Just curious. New to the blogging world and everyone keeps talking about adsense. How come you dont use it on your blog?

  128. Ok, I’m also Blogger from Expression of Creative Writing and Minds. I wanted to know how can I make money regarding for the audience to see? I tried Google ad sense and it didn’t work at all. Mind of asking.

  129. I am a total beginner when it comes to setting up a blog so I decided to follow along with this tutorial. I was doing quite well until I come to the section verify email address on mail chimp approx 45 mins in. When I click on lists then my subscriber list and signup forms I get a totally different screen to what is shown in this video. On mine it brings up a screen saying general forms, embedded forms, subscriber popup, and form integrations. Why am I not getting the same screen as you? All help will be greatly appreciated. I’m really stuck on this section. Thanks

  130. sir ! please post another video for the substitute of SumoMe as SumoMe is not compatible for the latest version of wordpress. Therefor a big portion of your vedio became useless. This is an emergency requirement of substitute plugin of SumoMe. Please Sir.

  131. Hi James! Namaste! Thank you for this tutorial. I am finding it very helpful, and I have shared it on my FB wall. I could not find the google analytics by yoast plugin. Has it been removed by google? Is there an alternative which I can use? This is how far I have gotten. Thanks for your support! Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance!☀️

  132. why can’t I find Google Analytics by Yoast?  Where is it?  Has it had a name change?

  133. Here’s the problem, why would someone want to subscribe to any website for junk emails?

  134. Great Video.

    Although the “It’s awwwwesome.” could get a bit irritating. But still overall, great delivery of valuable content.

  135. This video is amazing. Quick question: I Cant seem to find the plug in for google analytics by yoast, has the name changed to something else? Or is there another plug-in that is similar?

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    Even if I try small keywords with almost no competition my blog isn’t good enough for Google.

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