Essays on Effectiveness: Steve Jobs

Entrepreneur Network partner Stone Jordan breaks down the genius of Steve Jobs.

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  1. Ohhhh come on! It was only in Steve Jobs’ wild fantasy that Bill Gates stole GUI from him! There was a case and the judge totally dismissed it.
    OS with graphical interface wasn’t invented by Steve Jobs(just like the smart phone wasn’t), it was invented by Xerox way before they’ve even thought about developing it!
    Microsoft simply focused all its resources on OS with GUI, while Apple and Steve Jobs were thinking about the most pleasing way for the eye to order the chips on a motherboard.
    Steve Jobs was successful ONLY because he was a… psycho obsessed with himself and always no matter what is the evidence believing he is absolutely RIGHT. People tend to like crazy motherfuckers like him, Trump or Hitler, they’re the same. Totally self-obsessed.
    If a normal person had done what Steve Jobs did to his daughter Lisa – he would be labeled as a monumental jerk. Steve Jobs has a cult following, just like the above mentioned self-obsessed manipulators, there are many psychological studies why people tend to choose psychos for leaders. Ultimately his own inability to acknowledge when he’s in the wrong cost him his life!

    On top of it, what kind of an invention is GUI? It was super obvious where things were going. If they wanted to sell computers to the mainstream public, they had to make it easy to work. Same with the “design of the iphone”, fuck me — how many other options for design of a touch screen smartphone there can possibly be if you want to carry it in your pocket? I had a touch screen smart phone based on Linux way before iPhone, it wasn’t well marketed and it was very early in development. Only difference was the antenna was visible and it was bulkier.
    Not mentioning touch screen tablets were around many years before that.
    Steve Jobs was good at knowing when was the right moment to launch a product from a technology development point of view. All is else is just praising the cult…

  2. Great Video! I thoroughly enjoyed watching these insides on Steve Jobs’ character 😀

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