Political common ground in a polarized United States | Gretchen Carlson, David Brooks

How can we bridge the gap between left and right to have a wiser, more connected political conversation? Journalist Gretchen Carlson and op-ed columnist David Brooks share insights on the tensions at the heart of American politics today — and where we can find common ground. Followed by a rousing performance of “America the Beautiful” by Vy Higginsen’s Gospel Choir of Harlem.

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  1. Because people are sick and tired of centrist policies. This isn’t very hard to figure out.

  2. You basically have the people who believe mainstream media, then you have everyone else. When half the population insists on believing propoganda, then what is the point?

  3. oh great, another foreigner laying on the bs to give credibility to our clearly corrupted 2 party system.

  4. The USA runs on a 2 party system in which each Person only has one Vote and Voter districts are often Subjects to gerrymandering. This causes immens Voter frustration because if you only have 2 Options you are gonna vote the guy with whom you most align with and not your 3rth party Candidate because what happens effectively, you just divide the Votes of your political movement, allowing the other movement to easily win of this division. So many people feel like their interest are not or just barely represented in Washington, what needs to happen is a change in the election process but lets be real, that isnt going to happen anytime soon.

  5. this was nice to see. actual conversation from both sides where we try and learn why we vote the way we do

  6. All the trump voters I know didn’t even like trump. They just hate the lying MSM and the establishment. He was their Molotov cocktail. And Hillary was corrupt to the core.

  7. The left couldn’t leave everyone alone could they?, they had to keep pushing, and now look what’s happened. Every force has an equal and opposite reaction. Socialism doesn’t know when to stop, that’s why it always fails in every society that embraces it.

  8. Perhaps America is just too big to be managed, I personally think the country needs to be split in half or if none of the problems people have get done then expect a lot of unrest in the future.

  9. I really wish someone would consider how much damage this is doing to our most vulnerable. America’s children, youth, and young adults are feeling anxious, afraid, unsure and trust is being diminished. As authority figures, Parents, Teachers and Leaders we must be really careful, mindful of the dysfunction we’re allowing to manifest. I promise you; this is not a rich or poor issue nor is it a black or white issue. It’s about the suffering our children are enduring and going to continue to endure at the hands of adults who have the need to be right. Yes, your child, my child and the children you’re thinking about having.

  10. I’m gonna be honest. I didnt expect it to be interesting or worth my time. I was wrong.

  11. They have touched on the modern fundamental contradiction of capitalism in the US. We are still a consumer based economy. But industry wants to cut costs and increase productivity by replacing people (consumers) with machines. Each company thinks if it converts first then they will maximize their profits on the backs of other companies while they still employ people. This is the modern tragedy of the commons. But the commons is working people and families. Henry Ford knew this. Too bad the panel did not delve deeply enough to offer even the hint of solutions.

    Otherwise I thought both offered very telling insights into how the US (and the west in general) has got to where we are. Thank you TED. Much to think about!

  12. Part of the issue underscores the problem with misframing politics Liberal and Conservative, Left and Right.

  13. Simple msg of hate & blame. Remember the violence-induced rallies? Normalization by TED, not helpful
    The poor and fading middle class are not helped by this current presidency

  14. I don’t think people are against immigration; some people such as myself are against illegal immigration, but if you point that out, you’re called a racist by people on the far left; David Brooks is correct in saying that political correctness has been used as a tool to silence people in attempts to further progressive ideology.

    Again though, I don’t think people are against immigration, but illegal immigration because it is unjust to force some people to follow the law, and allow others to not. It’s the same reason some people were up in arms about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal because it seemed unjust to allow her to walk free when other people who have broken the same laws are currently in prison.

  15. Wow, David Brooks, a conservative who actually considers all views with intelligent insight.

  16. How can we pretend to have common ground when antifa monsters actively try to shut down free speech with violence? Put those scum antifa in prison and start with their corrupt professors that brainwashed their students. (You might even save their life by stopping them from attacking the wrong redneck or patriot.)
    Maybe then you can sit down and look for common ground.

  17. infowars? that is meme driven propaganda channel often influenced by russian kgb operations…. we should not even be talking seriously about such information source.

  18. If you guys could watch my new video and give me some feedback in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it!!

  19. Here are the main points as I see them:

    1. the media can sell lies and get away with it

    Comments: this has been true for decades, so lesson to learn…know how to do your research

    2. political leaders do not have to be of sound character to represent a nation of people and can be given the power to spend trillions of dollars of the people’s hard working money, to do whatever they want

    Comments: politics explained in it”s simplest form…get ready for it…the government’s mandate is to be a servant of the people…what governments actually do is serve themselves. To answer any question about politics, the simplest answer is, PROFITS FOR THEMSELVES. This isn’t rocket science at all.

    3. everyone has there inherent biases when it comes to making decisions, whether it’s voting for a president or anything for that matter

    Comments: No surprises here. Everyone has learned from somewhere, to think a certain way. Based on academic learning, life experiences (both bad and good). So everyone has their reason for doing what they do. And to everyone, their way is right OR the best possible solution. Not sure if there are any lessons to be learned here other than…this is a fact of life, learn to live with it as best you can. So someone you know voted for Trump. Voting for Trump is not the problem. What was the problem that person thought Trump could solve, to make theirs and their families lives better? That’s the problem! go to work on that

    4. people who live in the same country but in different parts have different views of the world, politics etc.

    Comments: This is not surprising. Different people have different views and opinions. Int he same family/household how many arguments happen around differences of opinion/viewpoints. Solution: seek understanding. It’s not always about who is right or wrong. What’s the best solution for everyone? A solution that’s best for everyone does exist! simple example: what’s one thing every human being needs? food, shelter, desire to feel loved/respected etc. pick one…again, not rocket science.

    Conclusion/Take away:

    Presidents will come and go. They’ll make some good decisions and some bad ones. Either way you have to live in those times and do what’s best for you and your family/friends. Take the good, learn to deal with the bad and move on. That’s all any of us can really do

    Feel free to add any comments or feedback on these points. I would love to hear your point of view

  20. Social solidarity is what we need more of. Fastest way to create social bonds is shared suffering. It used to be that that suffering was your drill sergeant for basic training. We stopped the draft and began our separation.

  21. The left wants to talk, but only so they can manipulate the conversation to change our minds, and if we hold our same views, they call us racists, ignorant, etc. Screw the left. Nothing to talk about, STEAMROLLER>

  22. This still illustrates how far apart we are, and how far the left is from understanding what happened and why. The right is encouraged to listen to and to try to understand the left. Fine. That has been the case for many years. It is the right who is supposed to bend, to negotiate, to understand. What is the responsibility of the left? I heard the tiniest bit of encouragement of the left to listen to the right, and the remainder of the time was spent talking about what the right “needs” to do. No. It is time for the left to move. We have done our share of moving for years. As former President Obama said, “Elections have consequences. ” Yet the left continues to behave as if something were stolen from them and they do not have to follow the rules of polite society. They act like animals rioting in the streets, destroying others’ property, and believe that it’s alright. It is not alright. That behavior stiffens the spines of the right and tells us who has the true moral authority. No – it is the left who must move towards the right in this time. If nothing else, it is their turn to do so.

  23. I’m French, and I’m pretty scared about those times we are living. Just after the elections in USA, I was thinking “ok, it’s not very reassuring, but I hope he’s not as terrible as we think. And it wouldn’t happen, here in France, no it will be ok, it will be ok…”. There we are. At the 2nd round. Macron vs LePen. Clinton vs Trump. I simplify, but it’s like I see it. And now I understand what some people or maybe some millions, felt during those elections.

  24. Protectionism + Big Government (untouched entitlements) + Low taxes = lots of borrowing followed by lots of inflation. Then when the Bernie Saunders wing of the democratic party gains the presidency we will have very high marginal tax rates on top of high inflation with protectionism. In short we are screwed. Our future is the movie “Idiocracy” combined with the movie “Being There”.

  25. I aspire honesty and accuracy above all else. Whioe ideally you’d like to think people can at least have a oroductive and constructive conversation, not every person is interested with trying to figure out what is going on and how to best respond to it. Strongly held beliefs and fundamentalism often leads to a very narrow path.

  26. LOL the only choices in politics are David “Salad Bar” Brooks and Gretchen “I named my son after William F. Buckley” Carlson. What a world.

  27. The woman needs to stop talking and listen to the man on the right. No I’m not saying this because she’s a woman. She just isn’t saying anything intelligent.

  28. “How do we give people the security from which to take risks?”
    “All of life is a series of daring adventures from a secure base”
    Wow. This guy gets it.

  29. How are raegonomics going to solve the conflict between automation and employment? If we want growth, automation is key, however this will leave people unemployed. Lowering corporate taxes will certainly not solve this issue.

  30. An investigation into possible collusion by the White House and a hostile foreign nation to influence the course of American democracy should be something both sides can get behind – but apparently not. Apparently only one side believes in democracy, so what’s the point in trying to find common ground between the two?

  31. I know a lot of mostly white-collar social conservatives who voted for Trump because they had convinced themselves he was a social conservative as well, at least compared to Hillary. I think it’s fair to say that they put on blinders to aspects of his campaign that they knew were wrong, and some will even admit it, but their primary motivations were not economic. Believe it or not, there were even black communities who voted for Trump, and I guarantee almost every single one did so due to social, not economic, concerns. (Baptists. They’re basically all Baptists.)

  32. obviously you people are mislead and do not know anything about the art of running a business that we call a Nation. Get with the program and get on board

  33. If TED wants to know what’s happening why don’t you have the most important intellectual alive on? Get Noam Chomsky on TED!

  34. There’s right and there’s wrong, we have history to show us what works……..TED needs to stop spreading their Leftist Lies.

  35. The media says we’re “divided” because it’s easier to manipulate us that way.
    This binary thinking of politics has to stop

  36. All the ted talks in the world are not going to work if it’s only women in the audience. I counted like five men.

  37. Two center right people on a panel with no representation from the left… More specifically real liberals who do not have any outside influences from the legal bribing system we have in the US. Would have enjoyed this more if we had some representation from the left to offer up what they have to say. For example, the claim that immigrants harm the US economy is simply false and a Google search can prove that. Immigration is almost a non issue because we have a net negative of immigration into this country. The answer to immigration is a path to legalization not deportation. We would have heard this from a Bernie Sanders type person if she or he were on the panel. So my point is that it would have been nice to see a wider span of views represented and a moderator than can fact check all of them.

  38. every person needs to stop and wait for their leaders to save them. look at your own life, do what you can, and move forward in a way not seen in a long time

  39. This was a good watch, but I have a few gripes.
    – This TED “talk” is not a talk.
    – This is poorly named. It’s primarily an analysis of how Trump got to office, and a discussion of how to find middle ground feels more like an afterthought.
    – The guests were introduced as middle-right, yet here’s yet another discussion about why Trump is the wrong answer.

  40. The 2 party system is the cause of all political disparity in America…. and at the root of that…. is money.

  41. I do find it curious and strangely funny that “bridging the gap between left and right” would involve a former Fox News who correspondent and a former Weekly Standard journalist, both conservatives, and Brooks who after calling all critics of President Bush’s policies both foreign and domestic all manner of slanderous things, immediately pretended to be a “centrist” and responded to all criticism of Republicans and conservatives with “well, liberals are just as bad.” His biggest criticism of President Obama was that he didn’t compromise with Republicans enough!

    Why Chris Anderson couldn’t find an actual liberal for this “conversation” is obvious, any liberal worth his salt would immediately and truly point out the obvious truth that the reason we’re so polarised is partly down to Gretchen’s former bosses poisoning the airwaves by calling all liberals traitors and people like Rush Limbaugh and now Alex Jones calling any who disagree with them RINO’s or fake news.

  42. This women said a couple of things that really niggled me, including the “american dream” falacy but when she said “change starts at the top” 42:08 I wept inside. Such a feeling of deluded disimpowerment she must feel.

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