Can You Change The Lives of 1 Billion People? – Peter Diamandis – Singularity

How would you improve the lives of 1 billion people? Peter Diamndis believes the world’s biggest challenges are its biggest opportunities. In 2007 he realized there was no place on earth that allowed the brightest minds to study technologies that grow exponentially. So he founded Singularity University where students dive deep into computational systems, synthetic […]

Stephen Hawking Defies Gravity – Singularity University with Peter Diamandis

America’s Forefathers were risk takers, but Peter Diamandis believes we have become risk averse. When Diamandis wanted to take the world’s leading expert Stephen Hawking on a flight that would let him experience zero gravity, the FAA said NO WAY. Watch how Diamandis fought for six months to achieve this risk taking mission. Like us […]

Singularity and Evolution – Are we ALL becoming God? Peter Diamandis

How close are we to a meta-consciousness? Peter Diamandis from Singularity University explains Evolution and where we headed in a not too distant future.

Startup or Small Business ?

Just because you have a small team, a a handful of customers does not mean you’re a startup. So what is a startup? Michael Horn, from Craft Coffee simply and elegantly explains that if you are a startup you are concerned about rapid, exponential growth. Watch him illustrate it here.

Coffee – Everything You didn’t know in 3 mins

Did you know we’re in the third wave of the coffee movement? In this fourth & final byte-size, Michael Horn walks us through the history of coffee, how wine was “lucky,” coffee has been very unlucky, and why coffee growers & roasters are much more like artists than you might think. Subscribe: Like us […]

Crafting Coffee on the Internet

What does the Internet have to do with your coffee? Well, just as it has served to connect you with friends, information, causes, and opportunities around the globe instantly, it can also bring you beans and roasters you can never otherwise access. Now that’s a viable idea, as we all love coffee and drink it […]

Fix The Biggest Mistake Your Startup Is Making – Fueled Collective

It’s a rare opportunity to get free advice from the best minds in the business. Rameet Chawla & Ryan Matzner, founder & director of Fueled Collective spend every day helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Here they share insight into the most common mistake Startups make and the quickest, easiest solution to solving that problem. Enjoy! […]

Workplace Reimagined & Revolutionized In Less Than 2 minutes

Do you feel bored seeing the same faces everyday? Do you feel like you and your team are drinking the Kool-Aid? Rameet Chawla, founder of Fueled Collective, has constructed the ideal co-working space by putting employee’s needs first. With workers spending more time on the job than they do at home, Fueled is designed to […]

Minecraft: The Game That Captured a Generation Through the Eyes of Serial Entrepreneur Jay Adelson

When I sat down with Jay Adelson, former CEO of Digg and founder of Opsmatic, we instantly bonded as parents of kids who are part of a generation that may one day be referred to as “The Minecraft Generation.” Adelson is quite the wizard tech entrepreneur himself. His company Equinix has a market cap of […]

The Rule of 3 – Dr. Sheth Breaks Down The Magic Rule

As industries mature, companies are consolidated and eventually only 3 major players will emerge to dominate any industry. Sound crazy? Watch Dr. Sheth explain how this phenomenon occurs like clockwork, and why innovation is crucial for smaller companies. Subscribe to our channel:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our […]