Joe Mccan CEO of NodeSource Inc. on the Importance of Health and Wellness

Joe Mccan CEO of NodeSource Inc. discusses the importance of health and wellness. “In order to be productive and effective you need to be physically active and well rested to execute on your job.” Joe advises that committing to your health will impact your life in great ways dramatically.

It’s About What Your Team Can Do

HS2’s mission is to leverage technology and digital marketing to drive superior results for our clients. Phil Hollyer, CEO, knows that the set of successful set of skills tend to change as you progress with your career. Hollyer and his team focus on working as a team and understanding one another in order to make […]

What are Mindsets That Hold Entrepreneurs Back?

In this Dynamic Communication interview, author @dynamicjill Jill Schiefelbein chats with Dr. Alan Weiss, the author of Million Dollar Consulting and Million Dollar Maverick, and the CEO of Summit Consulting Group. Alan gives perspectives on why entrepreneurs often fail. We’ll discuss different mindsets and mentalities that hinder success, and how to overcome them. We’ll answer […]

STORIES: Edreece Arghandiwal – Finding Your Light

Founder & CEO of Jurni Inc. Edreece Arghandiwal tells an inspiring story of the importance of doing what you love and finding your light.

Startups and Success Mike McDevitt from Terra’s Kitchen, Part 1

Chris’s guest is Mike McDevitt, CEO of Terra’s Kitchen, a meal delivery service based in Baltimore, Maryland. Mike discusses why he chose this as his new endeavor and how he plans to stand out in a very competitive space.

How Musicians and Artists Become Great Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Employees

In this Dynamic Communication interview, author @dynamicjill Jill Schiefelbein chats with @gregrollett Greg Rollett, Emmy Award Winning Producer and Founder of who gives a tip that can help you LEAD your business. Greg talks about why his team is made up of former musicians and artists, because of their entrepreneurial mindset, even though musicians […]

Pay Attention To Your Own Guidance System

Lisa Giles, CEO & President of Giles & Associates Consultancy, knows that earlier on in your career you need to cast your net wide and look at all of your opportunities or options.

Entrepreneurship Is Not About Problem Solving

Tom Sosnoff, Co-CEO and Founder of tastytrade, says you can’t be afraid to do your own thing. Sometimes you just have to follow your own instinct and just go for it.

Why Are Simple Marketing Messages the Most Impactful

In this Dynamic Communication interview, author @dynamicjill Jill Schiefelbein chats with Truth Initiative CEO Robin Koval, who talks about how marketers need to simplify their messages for maximum persuasive impact. Perfect for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small businesses, managers, leaders, marketing teams, sales teams, PR teams and more. • Why should you keep your marketing messaging simple? […]

The Huge Mistake General Assembly Made When They Scaled Too Quickly

Jake Schwartz, the CEO and co-founder of General Assembly, learned the hard way his company wasn’t going to work in every country they stepped foot in.