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Christopher Noessel: “Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People” | Talks at Google

About Christopher Noessel: Christopher Noessel is the Global Design Practice Manager for the Travel and Transportation sector with IBM, bringing IBM Design goodness to his vertical. He also teaches, speaks about, and evangelizes design internationally. His spidey-sense goes off semi-randomly, leading him to investigate and speak about a range of things from interactive narrative to […]


Growing on YouTube and being successful on YouTube really comes down to how good your content is, how much time you spend on your titles, thumbnails, and tags, and overall, just how much effort you’re willing to put in. I think that this question was particularly interesting because this caller was looking to grow his […]

NYC’17 Comic Con Panel: “Over 75 Years of Batman” | Talks at Google

Frank Miller, Tom King, Sean Murphy, Tony Patrick, James Tynion IV are taking some time off from their visit to NYC Comic Con visit to swing by the NYC office and discuss over 75 Years of Batman — past, present, and future. Moderated by Henry Faulkner.

Why people of different faiths are painting their houses of worship yellow | Nabila Alibhai

Divisions along religious lines are deepening, and we’re doubting more and more how much we have in common. How can we stand boldly and visibly together? Inspired by an idea from her collaborator Yazmany Arboleda, place-maker Nabila Alibhai and her colleagues created “Colour in Faith,” a social practice art project that unites people of different […]

Jackie Chan: “The Foreigner” | Talks at Google

Legendary actor Jackie Chan stopped by Google to discuss his action thriller film, “The Foreigner.” About The Foreigner The film tells the story of humble London businessman Quan (Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love — his teenage daughter — is taken from him […]

The fascinating secret lives of giant clams | Mei Lin Neo

When you think about the deep blue sea, you might instantly think of whales or coral reefs. But spare a thought for giant clams, the world’s largest living shellfish. These incredible creatures can live to 100, grow up to four and a half feet long and weigh as much as three baby elephants. In this […]

7 Untapped Traffic Sources For Marketing Your Website

Google and Facebook aren’t the only traffic sources that you can leverage. Here are 7 untapped opportunities

How to Conquer Overwhelm and Start Your Week Strong

The start of a week can be overwhelming at times, especially if you’re carrying “un-done” items. Well JT in this episode of the Daily Dose of Awesome helps you get over that overwhelm feeling and kick off your week on the right foot. Get started today attracting people to your business. http://elitemarketingpro.com/go/amf-bootcamp-ddoa

Morgan Freeman & Lori McCreary: “Madam Secretary” | Talks at Google

Executive Producers Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary stop by Google NYC to discuss CBS’s Madam Secretary as Season 4 kicks off. The conversation also includes the amazing personal history of both Morgan and Lori, and dives into the reasons behind why they created their powerhouse production company Revelations Entertainment. About the show: Having left her […]

Drew Philp: “A $500 House in Detroit” | Talks at Google

In a 2014 Buzzfeed article that went viral, Drew Philp describes a serviceman’s reaction to reconnecting power to his long abandoned house in Detroit, “You’re either brave as hell or crazy as a loon.” The full story, recently released as a book entitled A $500 House in Detroit, Rebuilding an Abandoned Home in an American […]